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                                                  2016 Xuzhou Longhua new peanut picking machine hot in progress
                                                  Release time:2017/3/14 13:53:09      The number of clicks:540

                                                  For peanut harvest with the vine after the direct picking fruit, can be used in the field to move the ground, picking clean, shell broken rate is low, less loss, dry and wet stems are available, high efficiency, threshing clean.

                                                  Structure Peanut picking machine is mainly composed of frame, motor (diesel engine), transmission part, picking off part, fan selection part, fan cleaning part, vibration mechanism. Operation by motor or firewood.

                                                  The oil machine drives the machine to run through the feed inlet or the automatic feeding station into the picking system. The roller is picked up by the drum picking bar to break the peanut from the stem, and the fruit and debris are dropped onto the vibrating screen through the gravure hole.

                                                  Discharge out of the mouth, scattered on the vibrating sieve on the hyacinth through the vibrating screen to the fan suction mixed row, select the clean fruit to complete the whole process.

                                                  2016 July-August, the company's monthly peanut picking machine sales exceeded 1000 units, many dealers in advance to the money into the company in accordance with the order of the order of delivery, products in short supply, the market response is very good, product quality Good, low damage rate, easy to operate, some peanut planting area almost every home to buy, won the various cooperatives and planting large praise!

                                                  Next year, that is, 2017, we will continue to provide you with better and more practical peanut picking equipment, at the same time, we will introduce a new type of peanut harvesting machine for everyone to choose, so that harvest and fruit can be at one go, to minimize labor, Efficiency, so that more people get the benefits, get benefits.

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