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                                                                          Xuzhou days Sheng Construction Machinery Group Co., Ltd. to build a strong brand
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                                                                          Xuzhou Tian Sheng Construction Machinery Group Co., Ltd. is established by the original 1958 Suining agricultural machinery factory, engineering machinery factory, after 1997, 2002, twice after the restructuring of today's Tian Sheng Group. Xuzhou Tianrui Environmental Protection Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of engineering machinery, agricultural machinery, environmental protection machinery product development, design, manufacturing and sales service. In one of the joint-stock enterprises. Is the national construction and construction of fixed-point production of dump trucks the country's largest manufacturers, China Construction Machinery Corporation, one of the members. But also the country's largest production of grass machine manufacturers.

                                                                          The company has been the Jiangsu provincial government named the province "Star Enterprise", "civilized unit", "national quality trustworthy enterprise", Jiangsu Province, international consulting and evaluation company assessed as "AAA" grade reputation enterprises, for many years "contract and trustworthy enterprise "And passed ISO9001, ISO14000 quality management system certification; Group a number of products to obtain national patents," Yuansheng "trademark for the provinces and cities well-known trademarks, multi-function loader was named" Jiangsu Province quality products. "

                                                                          As early as the mid-eighties, agricultural laser leveling system has been widely used in the United States, Canada and other developed countries and regions in recent years, China has begun to apply. The system can be used to level the land in order to facilitate irrigation, reduce soil erosion, increase land production rate.

                                                                          The land leveling system consists of a laser launcher, a laser receiver, an electric telescopic rod (or manual mast), a controller and an electrical hydraulic assembly, and a flat shovel.

                                                                          The laser emitters emit a very fine laser beam that rotates 360 ° to form a datum over the construction site. The laser receiver, which is mounted on the ground shovel, receives the laser signal and continuously sends the elevation signal to the controller. After the controller is processed, the correction signal is transmitted to the hydraulic control valve. The hydraulic system controls the ground Fuel tank, and then control the ground shovel blade to achieve the purpose of leveling the land.

                                                                          Farmland laser leveling benefits, benefits:

                                                                          Water saving - laser leveling technology can make the ground flatness to achieve positive and negative error of 2cm, generally more than 30% water saving, per acre can save 100 cubic meters of water, so as to achieve the purpose of saving water.

                                                                          Section of land - with laser technology accurate ground, with the corresponding measures, can reduce the ridge covers an area of 3% -5%, so that the land can be fully utilized.

                                                                          Fertilizer - due to increased land leveling, fertilizer distribution, reduce the loss of fertilizer and fertilizer, improve fertilizer utilization rate of 20%, to ensure that the emergence rate of crops.

                                                                          Increased production - 20% -30% increase per acre, while increasing production, but also improve the quality of the crop.

                                                                          Cost reduction - the implementation of the technology, while increasing production, efficiency, while crops (rice, wheat, soybeans, cotton and corn) production costs fell 6.3% -15.4%.

                                                                          Type of laser grader

                                                                          1, the standard laser grader has been fully upgraded, the design is more reasonable, more efficient! Hydraulic lift mast, more convenient, more professional!

                                                                          2, deep loose laser grader in the standard section on the basis of the increase in the deep tooth system, in the face of relatively hard plots, can be smooth at the same time the land deep loose, more powerful, better! Suitable for hard soil plots.

                                                                          3, folding laser grader to introduce advanced foreign technology, independent research and development, has a comprehensive listing!

                                                                          4, self-balancing system Laser grader, Xuzhou Longhua Agricultural Machinery R & D and production of self-balancing laser graders can be used dual receiver or single receiver to receive, with a single receiver can be used as an ordinary grader, dual receiver When the ground can automatically control the ground shovel to maintain a relative angle with the ground, to ensure that the entire plot without slope, corner no dead ends, so that the whole field to reach a relative level or absolute level.

                                                                          5, the pioneers of the laser scraper is set shovel, transport, unloading, shop, flat in a machine, are their own independent completion of its bucket capacity than the bulldozers much larger, and thus in the earth and stone works more than bulldozers High efficiency and economy. A bucket capacity of 10 square traction scraper only one driver, in a reasonable distance, a machine to complete the amount of earthwork equivalent to a bucket of 1 excavator and 4 10 tons Of the dump truck, a total of five staff a day of earthwork, the efficiency of a single bucket excavator 6-8 times.

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