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                                                                                  In the face of the new market competition situation and the global unified pattern, Xuzhou Tian Sheng Group look to the future, long way to go, and the community is willing to work together to create a group of Xuzhou Tian Sheng Group 100 years of great cause, together depict Xuzhou Tian Sheng Group beautiful blueprint, diligently pursue Aggressive, never limit for the realization of China's largest agricultural engineering machinery ambitious Wei Zhi, to become the switch industry world-renowned national brand, is toward a more brilliant tomorrow.

                                                                                  Xuzhou Tian Sheng Group is established by the original 1958 Suining agricultural machinery factory, engineering machinery factory, after 1997, 2002, after two restructuring to become today's Tian Sheng Group. Xuzhou Tianrui Environmental Protection Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of engineering machinery, agricultural machinery, environmental protection machinery product development, design, manufacturing and sales service. In one of the joint-stock enterprises. Is the national construction and construction of fixed-point production of dump trucks the country's largest manufacturers, China Construction Machinery Corporation, one of the members. But also the country's largest production of grass machine manufacturers.

                                                                                  Companies adhere to the national industry for the mission, adhering to the "innovation, enterprising, honest and pragmatic" concept, adhere to the "people-oriented, science and technology enterprises," higher, new, special development path, "no best, only better" R & D and manufacturing philosophy, abide by the "quality first, the credibility of the first, the user first" a principle of service, the pursuit of "zero defect products, zero distance service" realm, through scientific management, technological innovation and brand services, and continuously enhance the comprehensive capacity , Seiko manufacturing performance, customer satisfaction with the products, to create "Yuan Sheng" strong brand and dedication to provide our clients with first-class service. Create "Tian Sheng" brilliant tomorrow.

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