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                                                  【Xuzhou Longhua】 paddy field buried crop (grass) tillage machine hot season in May
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                                                  2016 May, (Xuzhou Longhua) paddy field buried crop (grass) tillage machine 1GSZ series of products has entered a full hot season, has received orders from dealers around the purchase of more than 1,000 units, the factory workers are working overtime Of the production assembly, please prepare around the purchase and purchase customers as soon as possible with our business staff to contact, advance booking, so that we can timely delivery does not delay the valuable farming time.

                                                  Paddy field burying (grass) tillage machine, is for China's rice (throwing) planting and drought before the land residue before the crop and straw buried deep, broken soil from the pulp, flat and other multi-channel operation of a complete design of the paddy field straw Huitian special equipment. It is the use of the knife on the axis of the rotation of the scissors and forward of the compound movement of the soak has been soaked in the pasture from the slurry operation. Its performance is characterized by strong pulp ability, a tillage can achieve the general rake operation several times from the pulp effect. It can be applied to the cultivation and cultivation of farmland, and it can also be used for shallow tillage cover in saline soil to inhibit the increase of salt content, weeding and weeding, cover the green manure, vegetable field preparation and so on. It has become the main land Supporting one of the agricultural machinery.

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